Adding water features to your garden is a great way of enhancing a space and bringing a sense of tranquility and calmness.

Green Elite Landscaping are experts when it comes to consultancy, design and construction of any type of water feature and can provide a solution to all scenarios.

We go out of our way to design and install interesting and unique water features, whilst never compromising on functionality as well giving you something that can be easily maintained and managed.



  • Brings the tranquil sound of natural water flow
  • Can be scaled to fit any sized space
  • Opportunity to create a truly unique feature



Green Elite can design and build a wide variety of water features.  Below are some ideas to help inspire:


Waterfalls are attractive additions to ponds of all types and accelerate the water in the pond which is beneficial for fish. We can build a waterfall alongside a new pond or onto your pre-existing pond. Green Elite can also build pondless waterfalls and create longer river-like cascades which are very eye-catching water features.

Water Fountains
A water fountain is a great feature to have in any garden. Fountains come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can even be installed indoors. We are more than happy to discuss your ideas and can also advise you on which particular water fountain may or may not work on your property. 
We are not only able install pre-built water fountains, we can design, build and install your very own custom fountain, giving you the opportunity to have your own unique, one-of-a-kind water feature.

Streams & Rills
A stream or rill is a great feature to have in any garden and can be incorporated into any pond, waterfall or fountain. They can also be stand alone water features running a self contained system which recirculates the water from the bottom back to the top. 
The look you are going for and the nature of your garden will help determine which feature may look best for you. Rills are suited to formal gardens because they are most often straight and narrow channels of water, easily incorporated into any pond from formal garden pond, koi pond or even into a water fountain. Streams tend to suit more informal / natural looking gardens because they give the appearance that the stream has in fact been carved into the landscape naturally over time. As with a rill, this feature can be incorporated into any pond informal, formal or wildlife pond.

Swimming Ponds & Natural Pools
Swimming ponds look similar to a large formal pond or wildlife pond, but are in fact designed so that you can go for a swim in clean, chemical free water.
The are two main areas in a swimming pond or natural pool; a deep section for you to swim in and a shallow section for carefully selected plants to grow.
A normal swimming pool uses chemicals such as chlorine to kill bacteria in the water, whereas a swimming pond uses the plants to do so and given it has the appearance of a garden pond it makes for an attractive water feature in your garden.
The swimming pond can also be incorporated with a stream or rill, waterfalls or water fountains and can be fitted with a variety of colours and styles of lighting.



Interested in help with adding a water feature to your garden?