One of the best ways to make the most out of an outside space is to consider decking.

It’s a fantastic way to improve the functionality of a garden and there’s tons of ways to get there.

Green Elite Landscaping are experienced in providing decking solutions to meet all your needs, whatever they may be.  We’ll work with you to agree on the best type of decking that suits your requirements and then use the best quality materials to provide you with a fantastic, low maintenance deck.



  • A great way of using a space that might otherwise go to waste
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be stained in any colour you like
  • Dries quickly in the sun



Here are a few examples of where decking can be used to improve your garden:

  • Introducing an elevated seating area (great for entertaining)
  • Replacing/covering old or damaged concrete or uneven ground
  • Surrounding a water feature or swimming pool
  • Planting containers
  • Garden storage

By combining decking with clever lighting, you can create a unique and stylish garden and really boost a garden’s beauty in the evenings.  Plus it allows the deck to be used safely at night.

Building decking on uneven ground may introduce large drops to the sides of decked areas.  To help manage this, we can build stylish balustrades around the edge of the decked area to ensure that you, your family and friends remain safe from falls, whilst maintaining the elegance and attractiveness of the decking area itself.



Types of materials used for decking


Providing a more attractive solution, this can also be more expensive but hardwood is highly durable, very strong and tends to be effective against mould, rot or insect damage.

A less expensive option, softwood is easier to work with than hardwood, so making the fitting easier which is reflected in the costs.  However, softwood can also be less durable than hardwood and may require a little more TLC.
In both cases, our wood is sourced from FSC certified suppliers.

Another option is composite.  This sits around the mid to higher end price range but is a fantastic alternative to real wood.  Made using recycled hardwood and polymer, the deck panels are available in a range of prefabricated colours, they’re easy to lay, very durable and because they’re a composite, are splinter free…which is great for the feet!


Interested in help with decking?