Railway sleepers are the perfect addition and offer many different options for enhancing a garden.

Originally designed to be used as a support system for railroads, they're strength and versatility have become a popular solution for adding a natural depth to the landscape.

Predominantly made of wood, sleepers can be used in a variety of ways from garden steps to raising garden beds or even as steps down into your garden from a patio.



  • Brings an added natural depth to the environment
  • Is a cost effective and flexible solution for supporting walls, flower beds and patios
  • Is durable and needs little maintenance

Materials Available


Hardwood sleeper
A heavy, durable and high density wood, the hardwood sleeper is perfect for retaining walls and if you have more permanent structures to be supported in the garden

Softwood sleeper
A more malleable and easy to handle wood, softwood sleepers tend to be lighter and smaller which in turn allows them to be moved easier.  They can be used for flower beds or edging around a garden.



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