As a company specialising in creating the ultimate garden experience, Green Elite are often been asked to build sheds and summer houses.

There’s a number of options for each structure and we’ll work closely with you to make sure the right decisions are made to give you the best result.




  • Adds additional storage space for garden tools and furniture
  • Creates an extension to the home for an office or kids playroom
  • Can be made using a variety of materials including reclaimed wood



Sheds are very useful spaces, which can give you lots options for additional storage.  These structures can be made from a variety of types of wood which can be stained and painted to allow you to achieve the look you are going for.  They also tend to take up less room than you’d expect and can be tucked away into a corner of the garden if required, leaving you with lots of garden space to still enjoy.


Summer Houses


These structures can range in size and provide a wonderful space in which to sit down, relax and enjoy your garden.  Additionally they can be used as an extension of the home by providing an extra office or a living space for the family.

Summer houses are made predominantly from wood, which can be stained and painted to allow you to achieve the look you are going for.  The inclusion of glass windows and doors lets in plenty of light and lets you see more of your garden whilst you are inside.

They can be set up on lawns, a patio or decking - practically anywhere you’d like it to be.  If you plan to place a summer house on your lawn, we suggest that building a pathway to the entrance can be a highly attractive and practical addition to the garden.


Interested in Green Elite creating a fantastic shed or summer house?