Creating a beautiful garden can sometimes be quite a daunting task.  Knowing what to plant in your garden can be tricky as there’s so many things to consider:

  • Which plants work together well?

  • Which months do each of the flowers bloom?

  • Where should I put them?

  • How many should I have?

Green Elite Landscaping can help you get exactly what you’re looking for from your garden by creating a bespoke planting scheme using our extensive knowledge and experience.  We can advise on all elements of the scheme, including types of plants and flowers that would work best based on the style and shape of your garden.


Planting Styles

Formal Planting
Formal gardens involve careful planning to produce a clear structure and symmetry to the landscape

Informal Planting
This form of planting is much more random and relaxed than formal planting in an attempt to mimic how these plants might grow naturally. 

Border Styles

Traditional Borders
Uses flowering plants to provide a vibrant and colourful border in the summer months. 

Mixed Borders
A combination of shrubs and flowering plants which can provide an ever-changing display all year round.



Interested in help with planting schemes?